"Most Talented Beard" Dad Uses Prize Money to Fund Adoption

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The "Most Talented Beard" dad uses the prize money to fund their adoption of a newborn baby.

Jonathan Brannan won the contest "Most Talented Beard in America" by Wahl Grooming. The timing was just perfect since the prize was enough to fund Jonathan and his wife, Alyssa, who were raising money for their adoption of a newborn baby.

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Planning to adopt

The "Most Talented Beard" dad and his wife already have a six-year-old daughter. They have long wanted to expand their family. However, Alyssa had a difficult time giving birth that it almost took her life. That is why adopting a newborn baby was their best option.

Two years ago, the couple started the process of adoption. This process taught the family a lot of things. Brannan shared with The Dad, "You also have to be able to handle rejection. You may end up writing letters to many prospective moms, and while they won't reject you, they may just pick someone else."

Just recently, the couple was chosen by an expectant mom. Their son is due in April.

The "Most Talented Beard" dad and his wife did not expect, however, that the expenses will be huge.

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Raising funds for the adoption

To be able to afford their adoption of a newborn baby, the couple started fundraising. The couple initially opened a campaign through AdoptTogether.

However, things changed when Brannan discovered the "Most Talented Beard" contest. 

The "Most Talented Beard" contest

The contest was looking for bearded contestants. The participants need to send a video of themselves performing any kind of talent that they had.

Brannan said, "Seeing the amount of the prize money from Wahl Grooming blew my mind." 

He decided to join the contest since he also thought it was meant for him. Fortunately, he won.

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The "Most Talented Beard" dad used prize money for adoption

Since Brannan and his wife have been looking for ways to fund their adoption, winning the contest was a nice solution.

He won $20,000, and it covered all of the family's adoption expenses.

Because they are now set with the expenses for the adoption of the newborn baby, the family decided to just donate the proceeds of their original fundraiser to a foundation. They chose Seventeen Twenty Foundation since it awards grants to families who are also looking to the option of adopting.

Brannan said, "We're hoping our blessing can turn into a blessing for others!"

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Now that the family is set into their adoption of a newborn baby, who will become a new member of the family, they are already excited.

According to Jonathan, he's particularly excited to have another boy in the house. He said, "I'm looking forward to getting another dude in the house! Although, he'll probably end up on their side anyway."

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