Orlando Boy Rescued from Abuse by a Waitress Through a Note

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young Orlando boy was rescued from abuse by a waitress through a note. The 11-year-old boy was removed from his home while his mom and stepfather are in jail.

The Orlando waitress, Flavaine Carvalho, noticed that there was something wrong with the young Orlando boy. The waitress wrote a note and showed it to the young boy. When the boy nodded yes, Carvalho decided to call 911.

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Orlando waitress observes the young boy

Carvalho was not supposed to work on New year's day. However, because the restaurant where she works was short-staffed, she had to report for duty.

While on her shift, the Orlando waitress noticed that a young boy had a scratch between his eyebrows. This young boy was with two adults and a young girl.

Aside from the scratch, what alarmed Carvalho was that the young boy did not order anything. The adults with the boy said that the child will eat dinner at home.

The waitress said, " You don't deny food for a kid, especially in a restaurant." After noticing this, she also saw bruising on the boy's arm and face.

That is why she thought of doing something.

Orlando boy was rescued though a note

For the waitress to be able to ask the young Orlando boy if something was wrong, she thought of writing a note asking if he was okay. She showed this to the boy in a way that his parents will not be able to see it. 

When the boy gestured no, Carvalho wrote another note and asked if he needed help. The boy nodded yes. That is when the Orlando waitress called for help.

In the 911 call that she made, she shared that she was worried about a kid with many bruises on his arms.

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Young Orlando boy claims he was abused.

The Orlando police came to the scene and questioned the young boy.

He claims that he suffered abuse from his stepfather. In his claims, the young boy said he was hit with a broom and was denied food as a punishment.

This stepfather was arrested immediately.

On the other hand, the mother of the 11-year-old boy admitted that she is aware of the abuse. This led to her arrest, and she was charged as well.

A 4-year-old child was also removed from the custody of these adults. This child was not abused.

Police investigation

After the Orlando boy was rescued, he was taken to the hospital.

Upon check-up, the boy appears to be underweight for his age.

According to the Orlando police, he had gone through torture. The police added, "If Ms. Carvalho would not have said something when she saw it that little boy would probably not be with us much longer."

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