Texas Teen Who Takes Care of His Mom with Cerebral Palsy Receives a Scholarship from Strangers

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Texas teen who takes care of his mom with cerebral palsy receives a scholarship from strangers.

The 18-year-old son, Jerron-Michael Arline, has been the caregiver of his mom, who has been disabled due to cerebral palsy. 

Because of the Texas teen's compassion for his mom, people from his community raised funds for his scholarship. That was after a stranger posted a photo of Jerron and his mom showing the teen's compassion.

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Taking care of his mom with cerebral palsy

Since Jerron was fourteen years old, he has been taking care of his mom, Tracy Arline.

For the Texas teen, it was a matter of stepping up for his mom with cerebral palsy. He said, "She's had a disability her whole life, so it wasn't necessarily a moment. It was more like, I slid into the role and did what I had to do."

Jerron shared that the wheelchair that his mom uses has become a massive part of their everyday lives. He even said that he considers the wheelchair the fourth member of their family, "I do it every day. It's about 60 or 70 pounds. If I bring her somewhere, she has to get in it, so I take it down."

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The viral photo

Last January 25, Jerron was photographed by a stranger who shared how the young boy stole her heart.

Tawana Walter-Cadien saw the Texas teen helping his mother. She took a photo of them and shared it online. She said in the caption, "He was not impatient, demanding, or flustered. He gingerly made sure his mother was secure in her wheelchair, and then he secured their vehicle."

Netizens also thought that Jerron was full of compassion for his mother. One netizen said, "This touched me, he is a Blessing, and we need more young people to do this. So AMAZING..."

Another netizen wished that the Texas teen be able to attain his dreams, "May God bless him in his endeavors to become what he wants to do."

The photo was shared almost 300 times by people from their community and even strangers.

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Texas teen receives scholarship from strangers.

Because Cadien saw how kind-hearted Jerron is, she gave Jerron a $500 scholarship. That is to provide the Texas teen a headstart in attaining his dream of becoming a rehabilitation doctor.

Also, a scholarship fundraiser has been put up for Jerron.

Also, as early as now, a rehabilitation doctor has already volunteered to become his mentor. Dr. Danique Van Dongen said, "I am a physician, and I am a rehab physician. We need good people in the field, and from what I've heard, you're an amazing individual."

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