How to Use Social Media to Help Depressed Teens Feel Better

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The effects of social media have been a longstanding debate over the years. Some say that it causes too many negative effects, while others see ways it can help individuals.

For the continuously increasing number of depressed teens, experts believe that there are ways to use social media to cope with depression.

In an article published in NBC News in 2018, interviews with depressed teens showed that they prefer going online for support. They set up private social media chats to share their experiences and struggles.

According to a survey that was also reported in that same article, a lot of individuals see social media as a safe space for them to talk about topics like depression and suicide.

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Some of the other ways on how to use social media to help depressed teens feel better include:

1. Social media can foster friendship and social connection.

According to experts, if people would utilize social media to promote friendship and social connection, it could help depressed teens manage stress. 

Additionally, social media can also be a way for teens to find a way to work through their problems.

The affordance of social media to send direct or private messages can be a way to establish a connection among its users.

According to a survey, 53 percent of teens and young adults use social media to stay connected to their friends, especially during the pandemic.

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2. Social media can be a way to stay updated.

Since a lot of people have shifted to transacting or interacting online, social media became a good way to keep people updated. Similarly, a lot of people also depended on social media to receive news and stay updated.

Eighty-five percent of teens said that they used social media in the past to get information about current events.

However, there are some instances in that information is misleading or fake.

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3. Social media can be a way of expression

According to a survey, at least one out of four teens saw social media as a way to express themselves more creatively. Also, social media is becoming an effective tool for young people to look for support, a way to self-expression, and a sense of community.

4. Social media can make people feel less alone.

Now that we are facing the pandemic, many people feel more alone than they already were pre-pandemic.

Survey says that 21 percent of teens nowadays are feeling less alone through the help of social media.

Especially for teens who are missing out on a lot of activities due to restructions and have looked forward to having them, social media is a great way to at least feel included and flourish friendships even digitally.

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