[Viral Video] Mom Shares 14lb Newborn Story on TikTok

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In a recent viral video, a woman shared the story about her 14lb-biggest babyThe TikTok mom, who goes by the username @shanas1588, shared her answer to another TikTok user's call to share the story of their biggest babies.

In her now-viral video, the mom jokingly said, "That's right, I gave birth to a toddler." Netizens also joked about this statement.

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The Viral Video

In the first video that the TikTok mom shared, she said that her story responds to asking for the biggest baby stories. She said, "I got you."

   @shans1588 ##stitch with @tawnee117 ##greenscreen Meet my 14lb .06 oz baby boy!  ♬ original sound - Shans1588     

Shans said that she gave birth to her son at 38 weeks and one day. This baby was her second baby. During the delivery via C-section, two doctors were assisting. The mom explained, "Because he came in at a whopping 14 pounds, point six ounces."

When her second son was born, he weighed over six and a half kilograms. The newborn baby was almost 60 centimeters or 24 inches long. As of writing, this video already has more than nearly 30 million views.

As big as some toddlers

The 14lb-biggest baby of the TikTok mom was almost as big as a toddler. That is why Shans also said, "I gave birth to a toddler." The TikTok mom also shared that after being born, her son had to wear size three diapers. To add to that, the baby had to wear clothing at sizes six and nine months old babies.

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The baby spent time in the NICU

According to the TikTok mom, her baby had to spend 11 days in the NICU. During that time, hospital staff had to get diapers from the pediatric section because none of the NICU diapers would fit her newborn baby. The mom added, "He was indeed the biggest baby in there."

Although the baby spent some time in the NICU, the mom assured in a follow-up video that her then-baby is now five years old. She said in the follow-up video, "Our 14lb, 6oz baby boy J is a healthy, stubborn, and STRONG five-year-old who loves baseball, football, and Monster Trucks."

 @shans1588 Our 14 1b .6oz baby boy. J is a healthy, stubborn and STRONG 5 year old who loves baseball, football and Monster Trucks. ##fyp ##bigbaby ♬ Proud of You - Five Times August  

This follow-up video also has more than one million views.

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Netizens' comments

Most of the comments in the video were also jokes from netizens. One TikTok user said, "They're holding him like prize-winning bass." Other netizens said, "He started college classes the next day." and "He better start applying for jobs now (laughing emoji)."

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