Having Problems Conceiving? Here Are 8 Tips To Improve Fertility

By Daniel, Parent Herald February 17, 08:40 pm

Many women have difficulties getting pregnant. But following some tips to improve fertility might just do the trick.

PARENTING compiled a list of the most effective lifestyle changes that could help women boost their body's ability to produce a baby. These steps are simple lifestyle changes that could make a big difference.

1. Regular exercise

Women who get regular physical exercise are more likely to conceive and avoid ovulatory infertility. For every hour that is spent performing physical exercises, the lower the risk for fertility problems.

2. Avoiding artificial lubricants

Avoiding lubricants that contain nonoxynol-9 can help improve the chances of conceiving. Nonoxynol-9 is known to be toxic to sperm. Purchase contraceptive lube or sperm-friendly lubricants instead.

3. Normal body weight

Being underweight or overweight can increase the chances of having fertility problems. "Overweight women overproduce androgens (male-type hormones), estrogen and insulin, all of which prevent the ovaries from releasing an egg each month and negatively affect the quality of eggs that do manage to make it out. On the other hand, very thin women have low levels of leptin, an appetite and weight regulation hormone," the article shared.

4. Folic acid

Women who have higher intake of folic acid every day are more likely to conceive. Multivitamins and folic acid supplements as well as foods like lentils, dried beans, dried peas, broccoli, spinach, collard, turnip greens, okra, asparagus, citrus fruits and citrus juice are good sources of folic acid, according to Baby Center.

5. Perfect timing

Couples should try to conceive in the five days before ovulation.  Getting an ovulation calculator app might help women know the time when they are most fertile.

6. Avoid trans fats

Women should avoid foods with trans fats. These include packaged goods with hydrogenated oils and shortenings.

7. Stop smoking and avoid alcohol

Women who smoke are more likely to have problems conceiving. "Cigarette toxins have been shown to interfere with the ability of the cells in the ovary to make estrogen and to cause a woman's eggs to be more prone to genetic abnormalities," the article explained. Alcohol can also increase the chances of having fertility problems.

8. Relaxation

One of the best tips to improve fertility is to know how to relax and manage stress. Meditations, prayers, adequate sleep, having fun and having a balance between work and life can help women boost their fertility.

By doing these simple steps, you could speed up your way to having a baby.

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