How To Earn Your Teen's Trust: Do's And Don'ts For All Parents

Many parents wonder why their teens do not communicate honestly and openly with them. The problem might lie on the lack of trust a teen has on his or her parents.

Understanding Teenagers shared some useful tips on how to earn your teen's trust. Following these tips could help teens open up and become more truthful with their parents.

1. Do not spy on your teens.

Spying could definitely help parents find out important details about their teens. However, teens will lose more trust in their parents if they find out that they are being spied on. This will result into teens becoming more withdrawn and figuring out other ways to hide things from their parents.

2. Do make an agreement about the level of supervision you will provide.

Instead of spying on your teens, just make an agreement with them about how much you can check and monitor their actions and movements. Make an agreement with your teens if you can check their phones, laptops and other gadgets. Let them know if they are required to call you before going somewhere. Being open and reasonable about your rules will also help you earn their trust.

3. Do not divulge your teen's personal issues to other people.

When teens share personal matters with their parents, they expect those matters to remain private. If parents tell other people about it, teens will definitely find their parents untrustworthy. "When you give it away to others without consideration or consent, you communicate to your teen that you do not value who they are," the article shared.

4. Do respect your teens.

Being a parent does not mean you have the right to demean and disrespect your kids. This is even more dangerous to do with teens. They will withdraw themselves from you if they feel that you do not value and respect them as people.

5. Do not intimidate and shame your teen.

"Intimidating or shaming your teenager may get you what you want in the short term, but in the long term your teen will have no desire to share anything of value with you," the article advised. Being calm and loving but assertive are appreciated more by teens.

6. Do get to know your teen better.

Parents should learn more about their kids. Knowing little things about your teens such as their favorite movies, the kinds of food they like and don't like, their music preferences, their talents and other details could show teenagers that they are important to their parents.

"Trust is two way -- the more trustworthy you are, the more trustworthy your teenager is likely to be," RELATE shared. Learning how to earn your teen's trust is going to lead into a strong and wonderful bond between you and your child.


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