The Perks Of Being Pregnant: 5 Surprising Health Benefits Of Pregnancy For Women

Some women are worried about getting pregnant. The reason for this is that the things that are usually focused on during pregnancy are the difficult body changes and symptoms throughout the different trimesters.

However, there are also some surprising health benefits of pregnancy for women, according to Today's Parent. Read on and find out the perks of being a pregnant woman.

1. Longer life expectancy

Microchimerism happens during pregnancy, a phenomenon that involves fetal cells from the baby remaining in the mother's body after childbirth. A study found that women with male microchimerism present in their bodies are more likely to live longer than those without it. A possible reason behind this phenomenon is that microchimerism could be boosting the woman's defense against cancer.

2. Less likely to develop breast cancer

Pregnancy and breastfeeding decrease the number of a woman's menstrual cycle throughout her lifetime. Because of this, a woman's chances of being exposed to endogenous hormones are also reduced. Women with shorter exposure to endogenous hormones are less at risk for breast cancer.

3. Minimal risk for gynecological cancers

Women who have not been pregnant are more at risk of developing gynecological cancers such as ovarian cancer and uterine cancer. "The more pregnancies you have, the less cell division takes place over your lifetime, thereby lowering the risk of developing endometrial and uterine cancers," OB/GYN Haim Abenhaim explained to Today's Parent.

4. Less painful menstrual periods

Menstrual periods can be painful for many women. However, there have been cases of women who experience less menstrual pain and discomfort after they gave birth. Giving birth could sometimes correct structural problems in the pelvis which causes pain during menstruation.

5. Improved overall health.

Pregnancy could strengthen a woman's immune system which will result into less diseases and infections. It could also provide women with thicker and stronger hair, according to Fit Pregnancy.

Hopefully, your worries about getting pregnant will be reduced after learning about the surprising health benefits of pregnancy for women. There are pros and cons of getting pregnant. But for most women, the pros always win.

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