Workout Tips: How To Cultivate Exercise With Your Children And Let Them Move

By Ellainie Calangian, Parent Herald March 31, 05:05 am

The digital age is changing the lifestyle of children nowadays. You will see your children sitting on a couch playing with their gadgets. This inhibits them from moving and not doing any physical activity, which is unhealthy for their bodies -- and could even lead to obesity and depression. To remedy this problem, encourage your children to exercise every day.

What It Can Do

Exercise has lots of benefits for your children. WebMD states that it boosts the blood flow in the body and brain. It can make your children have sharper minds, happier and healthy. "Exercise has tremendous mental benefits," said Joel Brenner, MD, chair of the American Academy of Pediatrics Council on Sports Medicine and Fitness.

Time To Exercise

It isn't about imposing and demanding that your children should exercise because you said so. The key to successfully instilling this habit in their system is through passion. In other words, your children should learn to love exercise just as much as you motivate them to do so. Huffington Post and WebMD share the following ways on how you can cultivate exercising with your children:

1. Think of a motivator.

After dinner, you can take a walk with your children. Bring your dog as a motivator, so that your children would be in for a walk. Of course, they like to be with dogs that can make their stroll an enjoyable one. It is also advisable that you look for a great walking pathway that is near your house.

2. Try different forms of exercise.

Most kids like to do various activities. They don't want to get bored doing the same thing. With this, it is better if you do different forms of exercise such as walking this day, playing basketball, going swimming or even gardening. Anything that can make your children move is some form of exercise.

3. Invite some friends.

Your children would certainly join you for a hike if their friends would come along. It is better to invite their friends and even their friend's family. By inviting their friends, you are giving them someone to play and get active with.

4. Set an example.

Be a role model to your children. Let them see you exercise as well. This would make them curious about what you are doing and then follow in your footsteps. It wouldn't hurt to explain to them the importance of health, fitness and exercise, either.

5. Do it for five minutes, at least.

Sometimes it's hard for your children to commit themselves to do exercise every day. To motivate them, tell them that you would do it for five minutes - or give them some form of reward like. Most likely they would join you and it could even potentially last longer than that.

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