Eradicate HIV: New Research Offers The Possibility of Eradicating HIV

By Abbie Kraft, Parent Herald May 23, 05:55 am

An advanced research emerged wherein it gave out hints that it can potentially eradicate HIV. Known as the EradicateHIV Research, the group's aim is to fight the ongoing battle against the Human Immunodeficiency Virus.

PGSPL came up with a movement wherein researchers and HIV-diagnosed individuals can come together in search of the cure for the dreaded disease. PGSPL still needs to "develop, research, study and test the factors that may hinder or minimize the progress."

The EradicateHIV Research gives out a 100% assurance that their HIV treatment methods would completely eliminate the virus. It was explained that the HIV virus will be fought by the medication and treatment given to the patient.

For the EradicateHIV treatment, the team will combat HIV through a "natural, effective, and time-tested HIV vaccine." As the study progressed they closely focused on how HIV infects the individual. It was found that the HIV virus can mutate itself can mutate. EradicateHIV focuses on the particular trait that can weaken the HIV virus.

The EradicateHIV research team is focused on coming up with a medication to fight the virus. The team, however, noted that they will not be using a medication that would fight against the characteristics and the features of the HIV virus as it is described as a "waste of time."

The group targeted the symptoms and the HIV virus itself. PGSPL noted that the team in charge of the EradicateHIV Research has already started in terms of coming up with the HIV cure. The team started the research process in 2007 and is still ongoing up to this date.

EradicateHIV is more focused on creating a movement by putting an end on failed testing and ineffective medications. EradicateHIV is more focused on coming up with a cure that would eliminate the disease which would not pamper and allow HIV to mutate.

To have a clearer view of their vision, you may visit their page at where in their research plans and call to action is being pointed out. Though they are still moving forward with their research process, if you would want to participate and make a contribution, you would be able to do so by filing up the form indicated on their website.

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