'The Blacklist' Season 4 Air Date, News & Update: Red Is Liz's Real Biological Father; Reunion Willl Be Fiery?

At the time, "The Blacklist" is currently on hiatus fans. However, after its cliffhanger finale, fans can't help but speculate what will happen in "The Blacklist" Season 4. According to reports, there is another big reveal in the new season and that is Red (James Spader) being Liz's (Megan Boone) real dad.

Red Is Liz's Real Biological Father

Liz and Red share a not so typical father and daughter relationship. They both care about each other but are very secretive. However, Red told Liz beforehand that he is not her real father. But was he telling the truth?

"The Blacklist" Season 3 finale ended with Alexander Kirk abducting Liz and telling her that he is her biological father. If we believe Red's earlier admission that Liz is not her daughter, maybe Kirk could be her father. But what if Red was lying in the first place?

One Reddit user shared his speculations about Liz's real biological father. According to him, Red could be Liz's biological father. It started with a mission to track down a legendary target, Katarina Rostova. When he finally met her, they fall in love but she was already married. When the KGB learned about their affair, they suspected Rostova to be a double agent who was working with Red.

Rostova escaped with her husband and Red's love child. They lived in a secluded location for years. Fitch and the KGB eventually tracked them. Operatives were sent to Red's home first killing his family. They moved on to Rostova's but Red arrived there a few seconds earlier. He argued with Rostova to escape. The bad guys arrived and burned the house. Katarina disappears while Red got burned after saving baby Liz.

Red doesn't want to tell Liz the truth because he doesn't want to tell her that her mom just disappeared but it is certain that Katarina Rostova is still alive.

Red And Liz To Reunite In 'The Blacklist' Season 4

Meanwhile, Melty reported that no matter how things will go in "The Blacklist" Season 4, Liz and Red would eventually reunite and it will be fiery. "They're inevitably going to reunite in Season 4, and fireworks are going to fly when they do," the report said.

Do you agree that Red could be Liz's biological father? Are you positive that they will reunite in "The Blacklist" Season 4? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

"The Blacklist" Season 4 is expected to premiere in September.

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