Zika Virus Scare: Illegal Abortions Spike in Areas Affected by Zika

By Abbie Kraft, Parent Herald June 28, 04:00 am

The Zika virus, which is derived from mosquitoes turned into an epidemic widespread affecting more than 1,500 women in Brazil alone. It was announced that the fear of contracting the Zika virus, which is said to cause microcephaly among infants resulted to illegal abortions in areas with high Zika virus cases.

A Latin American specialist, Paula Avila-Guillen noted that the women's option to have abortion after contracting the Zika virus is not surprising. Thus illegal abortions within the areas highly affected by Zika is already foreseen and expected. Her views were published in The New England Journal of Medicine, which was published this month.

"We aren't surprised because when a woman does not have legal options and her health is in danger, they do what they need to do," Paula Avila-Guillen from the Center of Reproductive Tights in New York said. "Until countries legalize abortion we are practically creating a class-based division between women."

As the Zika virus continually spread, affected areas pushed for legal abortion that would be supported by the government. Latin American countries are mostly plagued with the Zika virus where it was mentioned that Brazil has the largest illegal abortion rates. The country had 107.0 percent increase after it was hit by the Zika virus, while Venezuela ranked second with more than 39 percent increase.

Illegal abortion is being done worldwide, and there are even some websites that educate and help women choose which method or pill would work best. Women on Web, which is a website focused on women provides the necessary information when it comes to moving forward with illegal abortion.

Though it may seem normal for some, illegal abortion, or self-abortion comes with multiple health risks that can result to death, not only for the fetus, but for the mother as well. It is important to think things through and ask for help instead of doing it yourself (especially among teenagers) as it can lead to lifelong regret and major health risks.

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