'The Winds of Winter' News & Update: Book Is Already Finished But George RR Martin Waits For A Year-End Release?

At the time, there is no other book that makes a buzz as loud as the long overdue book "The Winds of Winter." Fans of the "A Song of Ice and Fire" novel series have been waiting for the sixth book for over four years and counting. According to reports, George RR Martin has finished "TWOW" but only waits for a year-end release.

'The Winds of Winter' Is Already Done

For avid "ASOIAF" readers who have been following George RR Martin's activities, you will surely agree that the celebrity author has been generous in sharing free chapters for "The Winds of Winter" the past months. In fact, some feel that the free "TWOW" chapter could be compiled to have a book.

The Bitbag speculates that George RR Martin has finished "The Winds of Winter." If not, then he is close to finishing it. However, many are convinced that "TWOW" is done. Per Yibada, the celebrity author already completes the anticipated "The Winds of Winter" but declines to announce official release date because he wants a perfect timing for it.

George RR Martin Wants A Year-End Release For 'The Winds of Winter'

If you've been wanting to get a copy of "The Winds of Winter" the best timing would be getting it on holidays. For those, who know someone who is very addicted to "TWOW" there is no better Christmas gift than a copy of the anticipated book.

Per HNGN, George RR Martin plans to release "The Winds of Winter" by the end of the year. If reports are true, then we are only a few months away from seeing the most wanted book in the bookshelves.

Although many are hopeful to see and get a copy of "The Winds of Winter" soon, fans still need to take this report with a grain of salt. George RR Martin has never announced an official release date for "TWOW" at the time and while speculations can either be true or false, hoping too much might disappoint you.

Are you hopeful to see "The Winds of Winter" before 2016 ends? Do you agree that releasing "TWOW" is the perfect present George RR Martin can give to his fans who have been waiting for the book for years? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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