'The Winds of Winter' News & Updates: George RR Martin Disappointed With Rumors on 'TWOW' As Last In The Series; Author Fires Back With More Books

 For those following George RR Martin's popular novel series, "A Song of Ice and Fire," you will probably agree with the long wait for its sixth novel. In fact, it is almost five years since the last book, "A Dance with Dragons" was released yet, "The Winds of Winter" remains in the dark.

Due to the delay, there are rumors that "The Winds of Winter" will be the last book in the "ASOIAF" series. Initially, George RR Martin's "ASOIAF" is expected to have seven books but reports have it that there will be more.

George RR Martin Upset With Rumors Suggesting 'The Winds of Winter' Is The Last Book

Bustle questioned if "The Winds of Winter" is the last book in the "ASOIAF" series. Readers who have been following "TWOW" news got weary with the delay and they are concerned that the genius behind this epic series will pass away without finishing his work.

Per the report, the "The Winds of Winter" author is offended by these reports, especially when fans question his age and health. Master Herald added that George RR Martin is upset with the rumors that "TWOW" is the last in the series.

More Books For 'ASOIAF' Series After 'The Winds of Winter'

At the time, there is only one book left for the "A Song of Ice and Fire" series, when "The Winds of Winter" is out. However, news reports claimed that George RR Martin is planning to write more books related to the novel.

Although fans want more books after "The Winds of Winter," many are also concerned with the waiting time. Will it take another decade to see the next books? How long will the devoted "ASOIAF" readers wait? How old and frail George RR Martin will be by then?

'The Winds of Winter' Is Already Done

Meanwhile, Parent Herald reported that "The Winds of Winter" is already finished. However, George RR Martin is just waiting for a year-end release, so fans can probably expect the long overdue book on the holidays.

Do you want George RR Martin to write more books for "ASOIAF" after "The Winds of Winter?" Are you willing to wait for years and years? How long do you think will it take for Martin to release "TWOW," "A Dream of Spring" and the rest of the books, in case he adds more? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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