NBA Trade Rumors: Blake Griffin Going To Boston Celtics? Clippers' Doc Rivers Says Griffin And Chris Paul Want To Play For Them For All Time

Many names in the NBa have been circulating for trade off during this offseason. This is in preparation for the NBA season 2016-2017 and one of those hot names in the trade circulation is Blake Griffin. Rumor has it that he will be going to Boston Celtics but Los Angeles Clippers' coach Doc Rivers recently said that Griffin, together with Chris Paul, want to play for them forever.

Griffin's 2015 NBA season was quite tough as he was involved in a controversy after it was made public that he punched the Los Angeles Clippers equipment manager. He also suffered a number of injuries so he was not able to play well. Due to these reasons, it has been rumored that the Los Angeles Clippers have decided to trade him.

One of the teams that reportedly will take Griffin in is Boston Celtics, The Bitbag reported. The power forward is considered to be acquired by the Boston Celtics as General Manager Danny Ainge said that they are not yet done with their roster for the 2016-2017 NBA season. Boston Celtics recently acquired Al Horford via free agency and they are reportedly hoping to have Griffin be part of the team.

Many basketball analysts are saying that acquiring Griffin is a great move for Boston Celtics since he is still young. If and when the reports are true that Griffin will be heading over to Boston Celtics, Los Angeles Clippers reportedly requested to have the upcoming draft picks of the Boston Celtics.

The reports about Griffin being traded to Boston Celtics started after Ainge and Rivers reportedly met twice this offseason to discuss the players to be traded, Sportsrageous reported. 

However, despite these reports, Los Angeles Clippers is not willing to break their "Big Three," which is composed of DeAndre Jordan, Paul, and Griffin. Rivers also said in a statement that Boston Celtics has not expressed interest acquiring Griffin and Rivers and blamed the rumor mill about the reports that the player will be traded. Rivers also said that he and Ainge did talk twice but it was about the British Open and a golf tournament.

Rivers also said in a recent interview that he hopes the big three players on their team would end their basketball career playing for Los Angeles Clippers.

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