‘Scandal’ Season 6 Air Date, Spoilers, Latest News Updates: Shonda Rhimes Contemplating ‘Scandal’ Conclusion? ABC President Hints A ‘Return To Form’ Season

Fans won't get to see the television premiere of "Scandal" season 6 until sometime in February 2017 after the series' usual air date was moved due to either lead star Kerry Washington's pregnancy or the 2016 U.S. Presidential Elections. But even though the season premiere is still several months away, many Gladiator fans are already excited for the series.

In spite of the fact that "Scandal" season 6 will not be a part of the Fall TV Premiere list, it didn't stop the series, its showrunners and cast to make headlines. As a matter of fact, an interesting revelation recently emerged about Shonda Rhimes' admission for planning the "Scandal" conclusion.

In a previous interview with Lara Spencer, 46-year-old television producer and writer Shonda Rhimes admitted that she already had pictured out a finale for "Scandal." Even though Rhimes did not share any details on who'll Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) will end up with, she hinted that a Fitz-Liv romance may not be for a long-haul since President Fitzgerald Grant (Tony Goldwyn) is sort of a "fantasy" while Liv's relationship with Jake is more "realistic," International Business Times noted.

"[Olivia] never had to actually be a wife she never actually had to be truly emotionally available. She never actually had to do any of the icky stuff that you have to do when you're in a relationship," Rhimes said during the interview, before adding, "For better or worse like I think [Jake] sees all of the dirty parts of [Olivia] and doesn't care. And I don't know that she necessarily likes that because then she has to actually commit so maybe that's harder."

Despite the fact that Rhimes has already a "Scandal" finale in mind, the upcoming season 6 of the series won't be the last installment of the series. In fact, ABC President Channing Dungey debunked the rumors, saying no discussions about the final season of the series were made.

Meanwhile, "Scandal" season 6 will feature a feature a recast for the role of Jake's (Scott Foley) wife, Vanessa. According to TVLine, actress Joelle Carter was previously enlisted for Vanessa's role but since she has become a regular cast in NBC's "Chicago Justice," Carter won't be returning to the show in the sixth season.

As a replacement, "Scandal" season 6 offered the role to "Glee" star Jessalyn Gilsig, Design & Trend revealed. Gilsig has been known for her "Glee" role Terri, who was Will Schuester's (Matthew Morrison) wife.

In addition, "Scandal" season 6 will also be a "return to form" season. The said announcement was reportedly made by Dungey during the Television Critics Association's press tour.

"It was the fifth season this year," Dungey explained, as per Entertainment Weekly. "Long-running shows, there's always a little bit of ebb and flow. We have read the first script for the new season and it's fantastic. It feels very much like a return to form."

"Scandal" season 6 is currently filming the new episodes of the series. It is expected to air sometime in February in 2017 on ABC, Parent Herald previously reported.

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