E-Cigarette Explodes And Injures A Teenage Girl At Universal Orlando

By Tahnee Gonzales, Parent Herald October 06, 08:34 am

A fourteen year old girl from Tennessee was admitted to a hospital after receiving injuries from a man's e-cigarette that exploded. The girl, who was enjoying her vacation at the Universal Orlando with her family, was one of the riders of the Hogwarts Express Train when the incident happened, according to NY Daily News.

The e-cigarette from another rider in the Harry Potter ride malfunctioned and exploded from his pocket, releasing a fireball that injured the teenage girl in various parts of her body.

While it's not usual to hear that e-cigarettes explode, it actually does happen. The explosion caused moderate burns to the girl's face as well as to her arms and legs. According to Fox News, she was rushed to Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children where her injuries got treated. The man who owned the e-cigarette also suffered minor injuries when it exploded from his pocket. Apart from the two, there have been no other persons reported injured from the explosion.

Police stated that the e-cigarette did not cause a huge explosion, but it definitely startled and scared the other riders of the amusement ride. It was only a small explosion, but it was shocking enough to the other riders who witnessed the whole incident.

The visitors of the amusement theme park won't be able to ride the Hogwarts Express Train for a while because it has been temporarily shut down. In fact, a small hole was found in the seat where the explosion happened. The theme park is going through reports to make sure that the ride is completely safe before allowing their customers to ride it again.

This is not the first time that an e-cigarette has been reported to have exploded. There have been reports of people being hospitalized because their e-cigarettes blew up on their face while they were smoking. This kind of incident was once considered rare, but is now increasing in occurrence, as seen in local media news.

There are people who shift to e-cigarettes because they think it's a safer alternative to tobacco cigarettes. However, it seems that e-cigarettes are not as safe as people think due to its tendency to explode.

Some people who had their e-cigarettes explode or malfunction have sued the retailers who sold them the e-cigarettes and the batteries that come with it. Because of the increasing accidents, government agencies are starting to look into the e-cigarette companies.

You can watch the video below to know more about the e-cigarette explosion that transpired.

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