Teen's Heroism Leads To Accidentally Shooting Himself And His Sister While Trying To Protect Siblings From A Stranger

By Dianne Franc, Parent Herald October 19, 12:50 pm

A teenage boy from Northern Indiana almost killed himself with his attempt to protect his siblings from a stranger who was trying to break into their house. The juvenile accidentally pulled the trigger and shot himself and his little sister on October 17 according to reports. 

In an article published by FOX 5, this is the case of a certain 14-year-old boy who risked his life trying to make sure his siblings were safe from an intruder. It was unfortunate that he shot himself and his little sister by accident while trying to do so. Based on police reports, it was him and two of his siblings, one who is 9 and the other was 6, who heard someone was shouting and banging their door.

Their parents were not home and his siblings were really scared when that person startled them. The teenage boy hurried up and went to get his mom's handgun. His 6-year-old sister startled him when she ran to him and held his waist. It was then that he accidentally shot himself and his baby sister. This report was also confirmed by the publication, the Elkhart Truth.

The police continued saying that the bullet reached his leg and it then continued in his sister's upper leg. They were able to go out of the house and asked help from their neighbor to call 911. They were sent to Elkhart General Hospital for treatment and it the good news is that they didn't die from this horrifying incident. There are no reports about the description of the said intruder, but Sgt. Chris Snyder, the town's spokesman for the police department, assured everyone that they wouldn't stop investigating what actually happened that Monday night.

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