‘Black Mirror’ Season 4 Release Date, News Update: Netflix Anthology Series By Charlie Brooker More Ambitious In S4?

"Black Mirror" Season 4 from Netflix and creator Charlie Brooker will follow a successful Season 3 drop by bringing in the big guns for the anthology series. For one, "Black Mirror" Season 4 has enlisted multi-awarded Jodie Foster to direct.

"Black Mirror" Season 3 has been a successful launch of the anthology series on Netflix. Previous seasons of "Black Mirror" aired on UK's Channel 4 before Netflix came in with a $40 million deal.

The Guardian cites Channel 4 in tagging "Black Mirror" as a dangerous concept that became an international phenomenon. Airing the first season of "Black Mirror," according to Channel 4 had been a risk.

The risk, however, paid off as viewership for "Black Mirror" steadily grew over time. Now a Netflix series, "Black Mirror" is expected to receive all the support it needs to grow its global reach.

Charlie Brooker told Yahoo that Netflix is an ambitious platform for "Black Mirror." As a result the new "Black Mirror" episodes created for Netflix consumption have also become more ambitious.

The Mirror reports that "Black Mirror" Season 4 will have Jodie Foster directing an episode of Charlie Brooker's new material. Details on Jodie Foster's Netflix episode are yet to be released but the theme no doubt will keep with what the series has been about from Day One.

"Black Mirror" is a social commentary especially on the modern dependency upon technology. At best it alternates between darkly humorous and disturbing, but always "Black Mirror" is accurately described as the "Twilight Zone" of the 21st century.

Netflix released "Black Mirror" Season 3 on Oct 21. Charlie Brooker told Yahoo that the episodes of "Black Mirror" Season 3 are like dark chocolates that hide razor blades within.

On its first run on Netflix, "Black Mirror" offered the episodes "Nosedive," "Playtest," "Shut Up And Dance," "San Junipero," "Men Against Fire" and "Hated In The Nation." "Black Mirror" Season 4 is reportedly already in production and should air as anticipated in 2017.

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