'Kingdom Hearts 3' Release Date PS4 Xbox One: Never Before Seen Disney Worlds, Second Keyblade War And Older Sora Teased

No one really knows when "Kingdom Hearts 3" will be released on consoles. With Square Enix keeping mum on the new game's development, speculations and rumors about the title have inevitably spread like wildfire online.

"Kingdom Hearts 3" proves to be one of the most wanted games as of writing. Many predict that it could get a 2018 release date, but many are hoping for a 2017 launch.

New details about "Kingdom Hearts 3" have surfaced recently. According to PlayStation Lifestyle, new "Kingdom Hearts 3" plot details were recently revealed not through a statement from Square Enix, but through the new Sora action figure packaging.

As the outlet reported, the new merchandise is not yet available in the US, but a fan has recently shared the details revealed on the packaging through a Twitter post. Twitter user ArikaMiz was generous enough to share everything that was written on the box, which somehow suggested some major "Kingdom Hearts 3" plot details.

In the post, it was claimed that "Kingdom Hearts 3" will feature a grown-up Sora will face Master Xenahort in a second Keyblade War. Along with allies Riku, Goofy, Donald and King Mickey, Sora will explore never before seen Disney worlds as part of his new quest.

"Kingdom Hearts 3" could be the biggest installment in the franchise. As it was recently confirmed by game creator and director Tetsuya Nomura himself, the upcoming title will be "massive." To somehow tame the hearts of waiting fans, Nomura also revealed that the unreleased "Kingdom Hearts 2.8" will have a significant connection to "Kingdom Hearts 3."

As KH13 recently reported, Nomura confirmed that more details about "Kingdom Hearts 3" will be released after the "KH 2.8" on January 2017. He further shared that the theme song for the new game is still being decided upon.

Stay tuned for more "Kingdom Hearts 3" release date for PS4 and Xbox One updates here!

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