Nicole Kidman Kids: Will Keith Urban's Wife Help Adopted Children Connor & Isabella Find Their Birth Mom?

By Amanda Moore, Parent Herald November 09, 04:00 am

Nicole Kidman and ex-husband Tom Cruise adopted two kids during their marriage. Connor and Isabella are already adults, which means they can decide for themselves. But the Academy award-winning mom said that she will help them find their birth mom if that happens.

Now happily married to Keith Urban, with whom she has two biological daughters, Nicole Kidman is in the middle of promoting her latest movie "Lion." The film is about Saroo Brierly (Dev Patel), an Australian businessman with Indian roots who is searching for his biological family.

The actress plays Saroo Brierly's adoptive mother, which hits close to home for Nicole Kidman. Speaking with E! Online, she said that she will be "absolutely supportive" if her own adopted children would want to go through the process of looking for their real mother. "That's part of my belief on adoption," the actress said.

When Kidman was still married to Tom Cruise, she welcomed adopted daughter Isabelle Jane in 1992 and Connor Anthony in 1995. After her divorce from the "Mission Impossible" star, the kids stayed with their father.

It has been reported that Connor and Isabella have been kept away from Nicole Kidman for a long time due to Scientology. Things changed, however, when the children became adults.

In fact, Connor, who is now 21-years-old, spoke about his relationship with his adoptive mother Nicole Kidman on Woman's Day. "I know that me and Mum are solid. I love her a lot," the young man said.

Meanwhile, after 23-year-old Isabella married, she and her mother have slowly been repairing their strained relationship, News Corp Australia reports. Isabella didn't have both her parents at her wedding to Max Parker last Sept. 2015. But she said that she hasn't stopped communicating with either of her Hollywood parents despite conflicting reports.

Nicole Kidman's other children are preteens Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret. Sunday has shown interest in acting but Faith is musically-inclined, just like the girl's father. Learn more about Nicole Kidman as mom in the video below.

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