Two-Month-Old Daughter Killed By Stoned Father Because He's 'Tired' & Baby Could Not Stop Crying

By Olivia Etienne, Parent Herald November 09, 11:46 am

Out of sheer frustration, a father murdered his two-month-old daughter after she failed to stop crying after she woke up in the wee hours of the morning. The victim, Daisy-Mae, reportedly suffered brain damage among other injuries.

According to Mirror, the two-month-old baby's mother, Ashley Cox, testified that her then-partner was in a bad mood when he tried to shush Daisy-Mae at around five in the morning on March 11. Furious over Daisy-Mae's constant wail, his father, John Burrill, admitted that he thrown the baby onto the couch and accidentally hit a hard object placed on it.

The two-month old's mother thought that Daisy-Mae had already fed when the crying suddenly stopped. However, Burrill came back to their room and alerted the mom as he thought something is not right with Daisy-Mae.

Burrill described the baby to be wilted and had blue lips. The couple then called Paramedics to save Daisy-Mae's life, but to no avail. The two-month-old had cardiac arrest before being even brought to Blackpool Victoria Hospital.

Initially, Burrill said that he had no idea what had happened to the precious little girl as she became limp when they went downstairs. But during his murder trial, the father admitted his wrongdoings.

Further, it was found out during the investigation that both parents were under the influence of cannabis the previous night before the crime happened. Cox said she also noticed that Burrill was "stoned" at that time.

Based on the body's autopsy, Daisy-Mae possibly suffered being shaken forcibly as her head hit something hard. Another angle that investigators see is that the two-month-old has been held upside down by the legs and smashed into a hard surface.

Daisy-Mae was also seen to have rib injuries which may have been incurred before her killing. Several parts of her limbs were also seen to have calf, shin, and thigh bone injuries.

Per BBC News, Burrill received a life-long sentence for slaughtering his daughter. The Fleetwood-born father will be serving a minimum of 18 years jail time.

While justice has been served for Daisy-Mae, the mom still laments over the death of her baby who will forever rest in their hearts, as she said. The crime will "never bring her back," she added.

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