Marijuana Is Now Legal In Some States; Here Are The Things People Should Still Need To Know Despite The Law Allows The Use Of It Now

By Dianne Franc, Parent Herald November 14, 06:24 am

The legalization of marijuana in some states is the success that the recent election has brought to America. Not only was it approved for medical reasons, but even for recreational purposes. But despite it being legal now in some states, there are still regulations that people should know before they started using weed, especially in a public place.

In an article published by, Florida is one of the states that won the votes of having marijuana legalized. It is called the Amendment 2, which was proposed two years ago but failed to authorize until November 8. In this particular state, weed is only legalized for medical purposes specifically for dealing with diseases like HIV/AIDS, cancer, and other deadly ones. Patients suffering from said diseases could acquire medical marijuana only if a state-licensed doctor prescribes it.

Meanwhile, in California, Sacbee reported that Proposition 64 had been approved on November 8. These legalized the use of marijuana not just for medical purposes but also for recreational reasons. But before Californians get excited, there are still things that need to be considered before smoking or using it. One cannot smoke in public, especially if it is near a school. One is allowed to have up to 8 grams of its strong product or one-ounce use for smoking. Never smoke weed in places like parks because you would be asked to pay a fine up to $250. It is only allowed indoors.

A person is also allowed to grow up to 6 kinds of marijuana plants indoors. One is still not allowed to sell. However, those who want to open a store to sell weed for non-medical purposes would be allowed starting January 1, 2018.

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