Parents Take Note: Are You Already Verbally Abusing Your Child?

By Abbie Kraft, Parent Herald November 20, 06:30 am

Verbal abuse can range from a taunting remark to verbally putting the child down and making them feel inferior. Passing remarks may seem harmless at times, but it can potentially have a long-term effect on the child, especially with their self-esteem.

Verbal abuse can build up not only fear but also the lack of self-confidence and other mental health risks. Verbal abuse victims would often deny being hurt, especially when the person abusing them is someone they love and trust. Children, in general, may tend to suppress their emotions where they would tend to disregard comments that are already emotionally piercing.

Verbal abuse can lead to emotional abuse, especially in children. Though some parents would take their words lightly, especially when they're upset, the child would, however, take it and absorb the remarks. Simple remarks such as negatively comments on their weight, their grades and how they look can place them at risk of going through mental health problems as they get older.

Healthy Place explained that verbal abuse can lead to indecision, lack of emotional attachment by being too sensitive or too calloused, and it may lead them into thinking that they will never be good enough. It was then added that verbal abuse in children can lead to PTSD, self-harm, and anxiety.

"Given the prevalence of childhood psychological abuse and the severity of harm to young victims, it should be at the forefront of mental health." American Psychologist Association stated.

Huffington Post then released a breakdown where it was mentioned that verbal abuse is less visible than physical abuse, but it can have a serious negative impact in the long-run. Some of the examples of verbal abuse are humiliation, neglect, denigration and unrelenting pressure. It is important for parents to be cautious, especially with words as a simple joke, can sometimes beat the child emotionally.

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