#SelfieDad News: Chris 'Burr' Martin Mimics Teenage Daughter's Photos & His Photos May Crack You Up!

Want to have your kids learn a lesson? Troll them. Apparently, one dad uses this tactic in "disciplining" his teenage daughter who has a penchant for uploading racy selfies on her social media accounts. Indeed, it proved to be a hilarious but clever move.

In spite of the fact that the rest of the world's kids have an iron-fisted father, Chris Martin took a detour and chose to be the prankster dad. The Washington-based dad said that instead of having his time wasted in reprimanding his daughter to stop, he just copies Cassie's raunchy photos and uploads them for the entire world to see.

"So my daughter has been posting sexy selfies of herself and instead of telling her to stop, well, I thought of something better," Martin said, as reported by Daily Mail. In the photos, the dad painstakingly copies every possible aspect--from revealing cleavages, to daring clothes and even Cassie's tattoos.

Interestingly, Martin is brilliant in copying her daughter. In one photo used with a Snapchat filter, the dad has been resourceful enough to get a wreath made of leaves as he positioned it on his head, just like Cassie's.

In one photo, however, the dad failed to perfectly copy his daughter's well-drawn eyeliner. Nonetheless, he makes up by mimicking his daughter's expression and it's safe to say that it is uncanny.

Martin even copied her daughter's photo with her boyfriend, when his arms were wrapped around Cassie. In his recreated version, Martin was a one-man team as he was determined to make a boyfriend figure hugging him while he impersonates Cassie.

Martin's son was not even spared from his funny nature. The dad gifted Cassie's brother with his very own impersonated photo for his birthday.

At one point, Cassie took to Twitter to express her untoward feelings about Martin's way of making her learn a lesson. "My dad is harassing me on social media," she joked, to which she immediately followed up another tweet and defended his father, saying Martin's photos are supposed to be funny and not to be taken seriously.

According to Bored Panda, Martin already got more followers than his daughter. It was even doubled, thanks to his unorthodox way of reprimanding his kids of what not to do.

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