Mom Shares Her Immunity Boosting, Skin Care Secret: Semen-Infused Smoothies & Daily Semen Facial Deem Effective?

YouTube vlogger, Tracy Kiss, who was previously known to use semen as part of her facial regimen, shared another "useful" benefit of men's ejaculated fluid in a new video. Apparently, the mom-of-two believes that one semen-infused smoothie a day keeps the doctor away.

The 29-year-old mom from Buckingshire, England attested the efficacy of her special smoothie and said that whenever she feels drained, the bizarre drink would always help her get feel lifted with energy. As New York Post reported, Kiss regularly gets her dose of semen for her smoothies from her best friend.

The YouTube vlogger, who is also a vegan and fitness trainer, further shared that she is not worried about health risks that she can get from the donated sperm. Her 31-year-old single male friend is said to be living healthily as he doesn't smoke, drink or do drugs. Kiss even said that she had her friend tested for sexually transmitted diseases and he came out negative.

The donated sperm is delivered to Kiss thrice a week and she uses her special ingredient to be mixed with fruits, seeds, coconut and others. At times, the single mom said she drinks it straight as it is.

Moreover, the single mom said that her semen smoothies are really delicious. Kiss added that it can taste like whichever her best friend for the day.

Even though many viewers have been grossed out with her immunity boosting drink, Kiss said she does not mind other people's opinion of it at all. "My other mates think I'm strange, but I don't give a toss," the YouTube vlogger said.

Last year, Kiss also featured an odd use of semen as she revealed using it as a skin care ointment. Per Daily Mail, Kiss does a sperm facial by rubbing the fluid onto her face and leaving it there for 20 minutes.

Kiss also claimed that her daily semen facial helps against her rosacea. She added that her natural beauty regimen gives a cooling effect which soothes sensitive skin.

Just like how she thinks about drinking a semen-full of smoothie, Kiss said she is not bothered whenever she slathers semen in her face. She even said it's "natural and healthy" because it does not contain chemicals, unlike other commercial beauty products.

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