Teen Girl Is Bullied And Attacked For Being A Donald Trump Supporter [VIDEO]

Teenage Trump supporter was allegedly beaten only because of her political views. It happened in California on Nov. 9 and there was even a video that caught the whole incident, making it go viral.

In an article published by The New York Post, the teenage girl, Jade Armenio, was a victim of bullying and physical abuse by non-Trump supporters. It was so unfortunate that another girl violently kicked and punched her after she was thrown to the ground.

The whole incident is now under investigation by the police but no one is arrested as of the moment. The attacker of Armenio is currently suspended from school and cops are saying that the motive behind the attack couldn't just be because she is a Trump supporter. Detectives have this theory that there might be more to it that people are not aware of.

Meanwhile, lots of people believed that she was attacked mainly because of her strong support to president-elect Donald Trump, especially when she tried to voice out her opinion in a thread online. The people on that thread were mad at her thinking she is being racist by supporting Trump but her parents stood by her saying they didn't raise their child to be like that.

The teenage girl had her nose bleed and she also experienced a few bruises and scratches after she was beaten down on the floor. Luckily, another student was there to stop the fight. Breanna Broussard became Armenio hero's that day.

Infowars also reported this incident stating that Armenio was also mistaken to be a Mexican racist. The school didn't reveal the girl who beat Armenio down but they said that she will undergo some disciplinary action, which includes suspension.

Below is the video of what happened. Prepare to be shocked! Share this news with your friends and family today.

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