NES Classic Edition Console Sold Out Like Pancakes, Walmart Promised New Stocks For The Gamers

The NES Classic Edition console was sold out when it was released last Nov. 11, 2016 for a price of $60 per piece.  Later today Walmart announced that they will be selling the console and it will be available on its website from 2 PM to 5 PM eastern time this week.

Limited quantities of the Limited Edition Console will be available on a daily basis until tomorrow Nov. 18, 2016. Since the supply of NES Classic Edition console is a major concern, Nintendo has promised that there will be more stocks to be released in the upcoming weeks especially during holiday according to Gamespot.

The game was released in the United States way back 1985 when the first NES gaming system was only composed of 8-bit, yet it has been considered as the best selling game console at that time.

The console was one of the originals that have the "plug and play" feature. But this time, the new NES Classic Edition console comes with an HDMI cable for a better quality.

The console also comes with different games such as the famous "Super Mario Brothers", "Donkey Kong", "The Legend of Zelda", "PAC-MAN", "Galaga" and many more. It also comes with the grey colored NES Classic Controller, an AC adapter. There are some additional accessories for the NES Classic Edition console that are sold separately.

One of the Xbox executives, Shannon Loftis, showed her disappointment at Nintendo via twitter on the "short-bake" console. It seems that everybody wants to grab the NES Classic Edition console when it was on sale. In fact, it was like an easy pancake stand for Nintendo and they have been successful of the release.

Classic gamers who have not obtained the NES Classic Edition console are currently out there waiting for their luck to grab hold of the item. According to Forbes, it is always hard to resolve issues when there is a higher demand, but limited stock.

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