Understanding Your Children: Parenting Without Child's Play

Children are the most complex of creatures. They aren't puzzle pieces that can be put together with a little effort, nor are they a course question that can be researched and linked to a solution. Every individual has to experience the whole thing in order to learn from the mistakes they make, so that they can correct them later on.

However, it can be helpful if the learning can be taken from other people's experiences, according to Kids Count. Nowadays, there are many training facilities and programs that can be joined in order to learn the very many aspects of understanding children. It still doesn't get puzzle-piece-easy but these sessions can prove to be extremely helpful for parents.

One such session is The Express Master Class for parents, headed by psychotherapist Gloria Burrett. Her workshop offers parents a platform to gather together and learn the about the understanding element from the point of a child. She assists parents in knowing what empathy looks like and helps them to understand the correct notions of proceeding onwards with children.

The gathering is titled as "To see, To know, To connect" because Gloria believes that what cannot be seen will never be understood and what is not understood can never be utilized to connect. This is the main focus of her teachings. Aiming at children of age group 7 - 11, she addresses parents over how to handle children in different circumstances. Her wisdom helps many parents to learn the basic 'Dos and Don'ts' and tells parents what to do when they're stuck in a situation.

Not just lectures, but different activities are also present for parents to take part in. There are group discussions - each group featuring a certain aspect of understanding children. Such an environment can really help. For more details on this, check out The Express Masterclass.

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