Child Of Divorce Writes A Powerful Letter To His Parents; It's A Wake-Up Call For Everyone

By Amanda Moore, Parent Herald November 21, 04:00 am

A child of divorce writes a powerful letter to his parents, where he talks about the impact and consequence of the family's predicament. This letter is a must-read for everyone as it is an eye-opener and a wake-up call, especially for parents who could be robbing their children of the stability they deserve.

In the letter, the child of divorce says how he's heartbroken each time he has to "give up a parent." He explains that when his parents bicker in front of him or about him, it teaches him that love is less important because winning against the other person is the goal.

"Please don't assume that I'm resilient," the child of divorce writes, which can be watch in full in the video below. "Please don't assume that my life would be exactly as it was and that I will continue to feel the same love from both of you," he adds in part.

The letter is actually from the advocacy group The Child of Divorce, which was established to uphold the welfare of children from broken families. "Our mission is to give children of divorce a voice," the official site says. The organization also holds a kids ministry and various special events.

It doesn't take a genius to say that divorce takes a toll on every member of the family. As the former husband and wife struggle, their child also feels the pain and loss. In most cases, the effects of divorce are more lasting on the children as they will develop trust issues that could affect their adult relationships, according to the Marriage & Religion Research Institute.

Deciding to divorce is a tough choice and more often than not, it involves fleeting feelings. Before arriving at this crucial decision, parents have to make sure to reconcile this with what their new reality would be, especially if they have children, as per Huffington Post. Only then will the parents know if they are indeed ready to start a new life as a divorcee with kids.

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