Barron Trump's School: Parents Not Happy Donald Trump's Son Will Stay At NY Private School; What About Barron's Feelings?

By Amanda Moore, Parent Herald November 25, 05:04 am

The community at an elite New York private school is reportedly agitated over Barron Trump. Donald Trump and his wife Melania have decided that their 10-year-old son will stay and continue attending Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School even as the president-elect assumes his post in the White House.

A spokesperson for the Trumps confirmed that they will not be pulling out Barron Trump in the middle of the school year, according to The Washington Post. Parents of the private school are apparently not happy with this decision.

"Some parents are freaking out and worked up about security and what the school is going to do," a board member from the school said, according to Vanity Fair. Apart from some parents disagreeing with Donald Trump's politics, they are also concerned about potential inconveniences with having the president's son in the school. Following security protocols could mean that other kids would lose temporary access to the facilities.

Case in point, when Melania Trump came for a school event, the school's only elevator area was cordoned off by the Secret Service for her use only. The rest of the school community had to use the stairs, the news outlet reports.

In response, Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School is holding a consultation with parents in December. Headmaster Dr. Richard Soghoian have apparently sent out an email to pacify the community and said that the school will be employing additional staff to work with the Secret Service, The Independent reports.

But while the parents worry, Barron Trump was said to have expressed misgivings about moving to Washington even before his father won the elections. "Every child would worry, especially if they love school, if they love friends, they don't want to lose that," Melania Trump said, according to Us Weekly. The mom advised her son not to stress over a potential move and take it one day at a time.

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