How Challenging To Raise A Child With Autism: Parents Share Experiences In Autism Journal

Parenting is undeniably hard but parenting a child with autism is more challenging. The assistance and care they need all the time is not an easy task to manage. The visits to therapists, their medications, helping them with their school work and above all, understanding their needs even when they're not asking.

These days, neurological disorders in children is a major concern. According to Scoop, the quarterly journal on autism, Altogether Autism, shared the experiences of parents who have children with autism.

The journal is in digital form and aims at knowing the difficulties and methods of parenting children with autism. The national manager of Altogether Autism, Catherine Trezona, considers every parent's experience a different one.

Among the stories in the journal is of a mother and son. The son was diagnosed with autism at the age of 14 and from then, Carlene, the mother, started efforts to form a community that can help children with autism disorder. Altogether Autism is a free help on autism related issues.

The full journal is available on Issu and it is a very helpful read. One of the main articles is about suggestions on removing seclusion or torture from the schools for autistic children, rather a term "respite" is used for them so that they can calm down in a separate room when they feel the need to so or when the teachers think that they seem overwhelmed or exhausted.

Altogether Autism journal also includes parents' views and opinions about autism, as parents do not regard the disorder as any sort of hindrance in practical life. The journal also includes studies and essays that could help understand autism better and how others can help the children with autism in better ways.

One of the articles is a feature about a garden specifically designed for children with disabilities, with smooth pathways and no complicated rides. So, what are your thoughts on parenting children with autism? Share your thoughts below. 

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