Why Children With Disabilities Missing Out On Financial Help In New Zealand

Children with disabilities require care, not just from their parents but also from society and the government. It is crucial to provide them maximum support in terms of health, education, accommodation and opportunities.

According to RNZ, the application process for enrolling in Child Disability Allowance is far too complex that is why children with disabilities are not able to get the financial help they need. In Otara, Auckland, a survey was conducted by the Child Poverty Action Group in which more than 80 percent of the families with chronically ill children or kids with disabilities didn't even know such an allowance existed.

Lisa Martin, the disability service advisor stated that the process to access the $46 allowance for the eligible child is actually hard and off-putting. People had to go to the GP with their families and then wait there, and after getting a form from there, they have to go back to submit.

Most of the time, families who are unaware of the process and allowance wait until their child is really sick and help is crucial in saving their lives. Doctors and experts believe that families who are already struggling with their child's difficulty are given a much harder burden as they go through the complicated procedure of applying for an allowance.

As the confusion escalated on the issue, NZ City reports that government is being called by the Human Rights Commission to help the children by informing their families about how they can apply and get help. In Otara, South Auckland, ten percent of the population has at least one child with a serious illness or disability.

Meanwhile, the commission also suggested that government should take more steps to ensure the well-being of the children with disabilities and their families. The process should be more highlighted and simplified, and the citizens should be more well informed.

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