3 Missing Perth Children Found Safe Through Public's Assistance

Children are naive, they often forget things while playing, what time they start playing or how long have they not eaten anything or how far they have gone from where they were. But when children went missing, parents get devastated. They keep on looking for them until they can hold them in their arms again.

In a recent incident, three children went missing in Perth, Australia. According to Herald Sun, three children from Thornlie went missing from their grandmother's house for 24 hours where they lived.

Fortunately, the three Perth children were found safe and sound. The authorities said that the children were found, all thanks to the help of local people. The children were aged five, nine and twelve.

Another missing child case was reported in International Business Times where a 14-year-old girl went missing in Pennsylvania. The media was speculating that 14-year-old Lennon Marcum may have run away from home. The National Conference of State Legislature reported that in children between the ages of ten and eighteen who run away from their homes, 75 percent are girls.

The reasons behind running could vary from social, ethical to economic. Missing person reports are very common and the number of children in these reports is terrifying. Psychologists and experts say that these incidents could indicate a problem. A child may be facing some kind of stress when they want to leave their homes behind and look for other options.

In another report by Indiana Gazette, missing children were found by Baltimore county Police Department. Gianna Smith, 15, and Mitchell Smith,12, are both boys with autism who went missing from their foster home on Elm street.

According to the police, the teens are safe and in the custody of Baltimore County Child Services. It is a big relief that the boys were found as their mental disability could make things difficult otherwise.

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