This Boy Almost Lost Half Of His Skull But Now Has A New One Through 3D Printing

A 7-year-old boy gets to have a new skull after falling from a hill in California a couple of years ago. He almost lost half of his skull from the accident, but fortunately, doctors found a way to make his life healthy again by using a 3D printer.

In an article published by Fox News, Teddy Ward's life was a victim of an accident that caused him to have a traumatic brain injury. His life was never the same since then because he almost lost half the part of his skull. They tried to fix it through a surgery the first time, but they were unsuccessful to do so. Fortunately, the doctors didn't give up on him, as they wanted the kid to live a normal life after that dreadful fall still.

According to CBS LA, Teddy had to use a helmet to protect his skull. His parents weren't even able to let him attend birthday parties nor was he allowed to play like an average kid outside. They were afraid that something bad would happen to him with the condition of his skull. But thanks to 3D printing, Teddy was given a new skull that made him no longer wear a helmet. He is now able to live like an average kid.

Teddy's mother, Lisa Ward, said she was devastated by what happened to her child and she wouldn't want him to live without a skull. Good thing that doctors at CHLA found a solution by using a 3D printer along with a material known as the PolyEtherEtherKetone or PEEK. It is not exactly a plastic material, but it looks like one. After successfully applying it to Teddy's head, the kid is now back to normal that his parents even made a huge announcement that he is now available for playdates.

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