‘Final Fantasy XV’ Now Available: Here's A Round-Up Of Tips & Tricks To Ace The Game!

By Ryan Grant, Parent Herald November 30, 06:00 am

The long wait is over, "Final Fantasy XV" is finally here! The game might seem a little complicated at first, but fret not! We have rounded up some tips for getting the hang of it, and of course, winning. Read on to find out.

One important thing to remember about "Final Fantasy XV" is that its sprinting feature is infinite. Although sprinting is limited by the stamina bar, refilling it simply takes pressing the circle button on the PS 4 until it's almost empty, Mashable says. You just have to release the button and press it again after a bit for energy to be regained.

FFXV players are advised to not be afraid to run away. This is especially because the game's world has a lot of threats, such as creatures that can instantly kill. When running away from danger, look for the red circle on a small map and then get out of it until the fight ends.

Kotaku, meanwhile, recommends not worrying about doing side quests on FFXV. Even if you have unfinished side quests or unexplored dungeons, you can revisit the open world at any time after completing the game.

More so, hold out on using tempting fast travel function. Use it sparingly, and only when necessary. It might be tempting to use it to go from one destination to another quickly, but that would mean missing out on the fun of watching Noctis and his friends drive from place to place and listening to their conversations.

Another tip from Game Revolution: select a combat style when playing FFXV. This can be done through the Options menu, where you can turn on "Wait Mode" to slow the combat down and allow the game to pause for inputs. It may reduce action in the game but it will make it more strategic.

Finally, keep yourself full. Let your "Final Fantasy XV" characters cook and eat as much food as they can to make them more powerful and have an advantage over their enemies in combat.

These are just a few basic tips to get you started on your "Final Fantasy XV" journey. Got more advice for fellow players? Share them here!

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