Aliens Are Everywhere According To Recent Reports. Is There Truth To This? Learn More Here!

By Paul Urban, Parent Herald November 30, 09:04 am

Recent reports suggest that aliens are everywhere. These alien life forms may not be on Earth living with us but they are everywhere in the universe even in our own solar system. Various life forms may exist. It may not require the same requirements as human beings thrive and survive.

According to Daily Star, according the astrophysicist Professor Caleb Scharf, he believes that the universe is the remains of intelligent and ancient alien life. He thinks that they are still controlling all aspects of the physical world- from gravity to the speed of light.

In science journal, Nautilus, he said that the hyper-advanced life isn't only external. Most likely it is already all around. Very interestingly, he said that life might not just be in the equations, rather it may be the actual equation.

He said that alien life forms are intelligent enough to reach the Earth and its inhabitants and may already have turned themselves into living machines. Caleb says that aliens are everywhere but we obviously can't see them as there no official reports saying that there indeed any here on Earth. Or is this the case really?

A good number of conspiracy theories suggest that alien life forms on Earth has long been proven but only kept away from public's awareness. The reason is unclear if indeed there is a cover-up.

This then gets immediately related to the pyramid-like structure recently found in Antarctica. However, this will not hold water anymore as the supposed pyramid is nothing but a mountain forming a part of a mountain range.

As added by The Sun, the professor's theory revolves around the idea that we have not seen complex life apart from our own because it already exists around us. Apparently, we are unable to recognize advanced life because it forms an unsuspicious part of what we have all considered part of the natural world.

This may be considered too highfalutin to many as the professor spoke with so much intelligence and metaphor that it may be difficult to be understood by the common people. By this, it is better to stick to the as-a-matter-of-factly details available and presented.

It may claim that aliens are around us. There is absolutely nothing in questioning the facts and lack of it, but it is better to stick to what is known. For now, no! There are no aliens living among us. Or maybe, there are just too intelligent to keep themselves hidden from a single human being on Earth. Nobody knows.

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