'Lego Worlds' Release Date Confirmed After A Year Of Early Access; Will Be Available On PlayStation 4, Xbox One And PC

"Lego Worlds" known as the Lego Minecraft is about to launch on video game consoles and PC early next year. The game was actually launched via the Steam Early Access last year and will finally hit the official release.

According to Venture Beat, the Traveler's Tale or the TT Games and the Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has officially announced the release date of the upcoming "Lego Worlds." The game will hit the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on February 21st of 2017.

The "Lego Worlds" is obviously inspired by the famous Minecraft game and is now about to compete against it. It was developed a few years ago by the TT Games who are also known for the previous Lego titles.

"Lego Worlds" was first seen on Steam Early Access on PC which was launched last June 2015. It was released back then for feedback purposes and have served as a beta test as well.

The VG247 made a review of the game, citing that it has a great multiplayer sandbox mode. The "Lego Worlds" features a customizable open-world using Lego Bricks, a very similar gameplay to the Minecraft game.

Initially, the "Lego Worlds" will provide a pre-built starting kit as players will be creating all the structures the way they want. As the game progresses, treasures and lots of secrets will be appearing in the game that needs to be discovered and explored along with some handful quests from NPC's.

As of today, the latest news announced by the Warner Bros. is that PS4 versions will have a free access to the Agents DLC that will feature numerous extra characters, additional vehicles and weapons are also provided on the DLC.

The "Lego Worlds" will be competing against the famous Minecraft which dominates the genre it belongs. However, the Lego open-world sandbox game seemed to be ready and prepare to battle against any existing competitors.

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