Most Recent Alien Sound Recorded Which Baffled An Astronaut! Finally, Alien Life Form Confirmed?

By Paul Urban, Parent Herald November 30, 09:02 am

Many reports suggest that there is indeed alien presence on Earth and elsewhere in the universe. Many still dismiss the fact the aliens are for real, and that is is just a product of one's hyperactive imagination. However, report on most recent alien sound recorded may once again solidify the fact that aliens do live among us- in our solar system and the universe.

According to Express, Yang Liwei, has reported in an interview that he heard an unexplained bang. This is something which he describes as comparable to a wooden hammer hitting an iron bucket. This is from his maiden flight back in 2003.

The most recent alien sound recorded was witnessed and heard by Liwei, China's first astronaut. He admitted for being confused and intrigued by the sound that he heard. The inexplicable most recent alien sound recorded came out of nowhere and suddenly without any reason.

Liwei said the most recent alien sound recorded that has been recorded neither came from outside nor inside the spacecraft. He continued on by saying that it is as if someone was knocking an iron bucket with wooden hammer.

He then went on to investigate the noise. He was even more baffled and confused to find out that there was nothing surrounding the spaceship that could've caused the noise. Liwei is now a major general.

As added by World Breaking News, Liwei spent 21 hours in space in China's first mission back in 2003. It was also reported that several Chinese who went on the same mission heard the same noise. However, he then assumed that it is nothing but normal so he didn't make it a big deal.

 This may have happened back in 2003 but news from 13 years ago matter still at present because there a lot of speculations and demand for proof of alien existence. Anything that relates to aliens, be it UFO sighting or inexplicable sound recording is given magnanimous importance.

The most recent alien sound recorded may have been caused by a different factor. It may not be an alien knocking at his door to talk and have a little tete-a-tete of some sort. However, this report is being recorded and studied.

End of the day it may be a hoax or a simple noise coming from a coil or anything in the spaceship that may have hit something. Until then, nothing is official and that the most recent alien sound recorded is a mere speculation.

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