‘The Crown’ News And Updates: Princess Margaret’s Tragic Romance According To Vanessa Kirby

By Carol Marches, Parent Herald December 01, 06:01 pm

Every viewer, even Vanessa Kirby, who portrays Princess Margaret in “The Crown” have her own resentments. Season 1 gave the viewers a glimpse into the life of Queen Elizabeth’s younger sister.

The two sisters were full of potential, unfortunately, everything changed when their father died. With this, Kirby realized that, partly, it was also her duty to shed light on the life and love of Philip and Princess Margaret for the public’s knowledge.

So she did and Kirby fell in love with their love during “The Crown” season 1. It was a very tragic story and ending of their love.

It can be recalled that Queen Elizabeth, portrayed by Claire Foy, had a conversation with Kirby’s character. The episode of “The Crown” showed that Queen Elizabeth said that the only way Princess Margaret can marry Peter Townsend, portrayed by Ben Miles, was with two conditions.

These are she renounce her claim to the throne and not live in England, Vanity Fair recaps. Kirby added that one of the most painful things that Princess Margaret could have experienced was being prevented by, not her parents, but by her sister to marry.

They really didn’t have the chance to be together and Townsend married another woman, Marie-Luce, which looked a lot like the Princess. Princess Margaret and Townsend didn’t really had the chance marry, as reported by Daily Mail.

Kirby added that it was painful. As she read the texts, saw photos, and watch documentaries, she saw that the two really had fallen in love with each other.

Nonetheless, in “The Crown” season 2, Margaret is set to be married to Antony Armstrong-Jones and they’ll be a “dangerous... dysfunctional” couple, which is a great addition to the second season. However, the princess was never out there, she always stayed behind the light and the curtains.

Excited to see Princess Margaret? the “The Crown” season 2 is said to be released on Nov. 2017.

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