‘No Need For Recount’ Says Shaquille O’Neal; Why Is Shaq The Only NBA Star Defending Donald Trump’s Victory?

By Gerone Trish, Parent Herald December 01, 05:55 pm

Former NBA superstar Shaquille O'Neal is defending the newly elected president of the United States, while there are still some who are not accepting the presidency of Donald Trump and trying to push for a recount of the U.S. election.

Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein is reportedly pushing for a recount of the election votes, even to the extent of raising millions of dollars to pursue the recount in various states like Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan. NBA star O'Neal disagrees with Stein and even claims that Donald Trump has won the race fairly and squarely.

The NBA giant explained in the interview with The Hill that at this point in time, people just have to keep believing that whoever wins the presidential race will do what he has promised to do during the campaign. O'Neal also emphasized that Trump has committed a lot of things to a lot of people, so he is just expecting that. The NBA star encouraged people to just give Trump the chance to do what he has promised and hopefully turn their nation into a better one. Shaquille O'Neal also mentioned that it is no longer necessary to discuss doing recounts as the athlete firmly believes Trump has indeed won the election "fair and square."

Aside from O'Neal, it seems that there is no other member of the NBA teams who has been supportive of Donald Trump. During the presidential campaign, several NBA stars have publicly announced their support for Clinton. It has even been reported that NBA donors accumulated almost $1.5 million and was donated to the campaign of Hillary Clinton.

HoopsHype also reported that the owners of NBA have donated much to the opponents of Trump. The publication has posted the full list of donors from NBA for Clinton's campaign. Among the list of donors, former NBA star Magic Johnson was the second biggest donor by giving out more than half a million dollars for Trump's rival.

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