‘Frozen 2’ Movie Updates & Spoilers: Rihanna Or Ariana Grande To Join The Cast, Plus Olaf Is A Human? [SPOILERS]

By Sophie Lawrence, Parent Herald December 02, 05:52 am

"Frozen 2" the sequel to the top-grossing animated movie of all time is up for release in 2018. Still as a testament to the immense popularity of the Disney movie is the continuous flow of spoilers and speculations about the major changes that will take place in the well-loved characters of Queen Elsa, Princess Anna, and Olaf. The public is likewise curious if Idina Menzel will still sing the theme song of the movie as rumors keep on mentioning possible replacements for her role such as Demi Lovato, Rihanna, and Ariana Grande.

As published in Morning Ledger, Idina Menzel who is the singing voice behind Elsa's, "Let It Go" may not be able to return for "Frozen 2" due to her upcoming wedding. The creators of the hit animation reportedly have a list of equally talented singers such as Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato. Recently, the names of Ariana Grande and Rhianna also came up as some of the possible choices as replacement for Idina Menzel.

Meanwhile, the rumored plot for "Frozen 2" will probably get more interesting with surprising revelations about the characters. According to, Queen Elsa will turn out to be a lesbian and so will be the first Disney princess with a unique gender preference as reported in Morning News USA. If true, then this development may reach out to the homosexual members of the community.

Another interesting plot is the discovery that Olaf is really a human trapped in a snowman's body. Olaf may soon escape from this trap and may even meet a love interest. This possibility really spells a bigger role for the lovable snowman who loves warm hugs in "Frozen 2."

Will you be happy to see Queen Elsa as a lesbian in "Frozen 2?" Feel free to share your own plot speculations in the comment section.

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