Why Skin Contact Between Babies And Mothers Is Useful In Breastfeeding

By Joshua Williams, Parent Herald December 02, 11:57 pm

Breastfeeding is not only advised but is essential for a baby's health and growth. Studies have proven that children who had been breastfed have stronger immunity against diseases as well as, they tend to have less digestive problems and an excellent growth rate.

A child's first contact with a mother in the first sixty minutes of birth is considered helpful. According to TV3, the myth is actually proven by a recent study.

Scientists have observed that resting the baby on a mother's abdomen, makes a connection between the baby and the breast. The first hour is named golden hour due to its importance. Study suggests that the baby is most vigilant and eager to suck in the first fifty to sixty minutes after birth.

Other benefits of a mother-baby skin contact include less stress, a healthy heart and a calm breathing rate. Mother's scent is also regarded an important factor for the baby in learning how to feed. Medscape also elaborates the importance of skin to skin contact of mother and baby in detail.

It says that the first hour is the realization for the baby that he is out of the womb. First impressions are said to be the most important as this is the first experience for the baby. It is also equally effective for mothers. Scientists say that mothers who placed their newborn on their bare chests develop a confident maternal relationship with the child.

Meanwhile, in the book, "Babies Remember Birth," author David Chamberlain wrote about the experiences of the mothers and children about their birth time. In addition, Chamberlain's newest book called, "Windows to the Womb," also contains research on newborn and pre-born babies' learning capabilities.

All in all, it's extremely important for new mothers to keep their babies close to their bodies because it has a much deeper psychological impact on the baby than most people think. For more tips and updates, check out Parent Herald. 

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