Albermarle County School Board Meets Legislators To Discuss Educational Priorities

By Joshua Williams, Parent Herald December 04, 08:47 pm

Education systems are supposed to provide children with modern-day knowledge and advanced information on different subjects. However, it is more important that education should be effective as it can be beneficial in one's life.

Learning that can be implemented later on in life is defined as effective. But it doesn't mean that versatility in learning is bad or not useful. Recently, schools in the U.S. are thinking to establish an education system that would be most useful for children.

Daily Progress shared the news of Albemarle County School members meeting with state legislators Dels. R. Steven Landes (R-Weyers Cave), Rob Bell (R-Albemarle), David J.Toscano (D-Charlottesville) and Sen. R. Criegh Deeds (D-Bath). The panel discussed education priorities like wide internet access, reconsidering education system and arrangement of funds for the school.

Legislative and public affairs officer Tim Shea expressed that the meeting's purpose is to tell the legislators about the changes the school wants to make. The school wanted them to be informed before the start of the session.

The importance of the internet as a means to provide more information for students was also highlighted. Landes told the members that Broadband Advisory Council has been working to make the internet accessible across Virginia. The members also admired the modifications proposed by the school to get a better education system.

School Board member Steve Koeszar considered the meeting productive in terms of policy and discussion. However, the funds are still the issue as they have been low since 2008 and the school needed financial support in order to progress and prosper.

Meanwhile, the organization called 2.K12albemarle, shares the news and views about the county's school. The meeting's details are also available on the website. It also has video, plans and policies in full details. The website also provides as a picture gallery of schools officials.

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