Mother Arrested For Stabbing Her Own Kids! What's The World Coming To?

By Henry Tyler, Parent Herald December 04, 05:00 am

A sad and agonizing incident was brought to limelight recently. A woman has been arrested by the police for brutally stabbing her two kids with a knife. She has herself given an official statement to the police that she stabbed her two kids with the knife and strangled them to death. Meanwhile, the whole incident was transpiring the husband was found unconscious in the basement.

AOL reported the entire incident. According to the report, this horrific incident took place in the early hours of November 17. The ages of the kids were seven and three respectively.

According to the police after killing her two children she even tried to kill herself but then informed 911 about her crime. Police investigated the case and have discovered that father was in the basement when the crime took place. He was unaware of this happening and is now quite shocked.

The couple were having marital issue and they had filed for the divorce. The woman has told the police that she did not have courage to give away her children to her husband so she decided to die with them .Her idea was to kill the children first and then suicide.

Further, the Fox news also says that it was an emotional attempt of mother and shouldn't have happened. The children were innocent and they suffered solely because of their parents misunderstandings. Parents should be strong and are supposed to resolve their issues for the sake of their children in order to avoid more cases like these.

Killing an innocent child is not justified in any of the case. Such individuals are meant to be punished in order to protect the rights of children . The mother has been charged of two murders and is in police's custody since then. Autopsy will be carried out for the deceased in order to get more answers to the surface.

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