Endangered Species And Their Preservation: Is There Hope To Save These Creatures??

By Henry Tyler, Parent Herald December 01, 05:40 pm

Milan G. Bull said that though there are some improvements but trends are mostly not good. Marsh birds i.e. Clapper Rails, shrubland i.e. Brown Thrashers and Blue-Winged Warbles are on a continued decline. Birds like Piping Plovers despite recent successes are still highly vulnerable.

Saltmarsh Sparrow involves the most discouraging data, Inquisitr says. Bull said that the likely extinction of the Saltmarsh Sparrow due to the rise in sea level is the most disturbing of all. Since the Heath Hen in 1931, among the avian extinctions, it would be the first in the continental U.S. Except disaster, there is no other way to characterize that.

A major threat to Saltmarsh Sparrow is beach erosion and other for the birds who nest along coastlines. Throughout the report, the direst concern was the loss of habitat.

Shrubland species including Blue-winged Warblers, Brown Thrashers and Field Sparrow are suffering continual decline in population of about 5% per year. Only shrubby fields can be used by these species for nesting but these are being turned into mature forests or have been turned into lawns. All these facts were reflected in yearly report Gains, Losses and Extinction.

Efforts have been made to preserve the endangered species by increasing their habitat in some cases and it has helped certain species who share common habitat to maintain their population. Kelly writes that from gathering of oil and gas executives, tiny lizard, lesser pairie chicken and Monarch butterfly all went close to scrutiny. Permian Basin is turned into the most productive oil field of the nation with the help of Fracking and the only place in U.S where oil industry continues to flourish despite the oil price slump of 2014.

The bird habitat is threatened by the natural causes such as beach erosion and some human made causes such as oil factories, the conservationists and the birds like Saltmarsh Sparrow have a hard fight ahead.

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