Recreating Popular Toys That Help Disabled Children Realize The Power Of Mobility

By Henry Tyler, Parent Herald November 30, 06:24 pm

A doctor has taken an initiative to redesign some popular toys for special children. Special children who face the problem of mobility are most often found to be distressed with various toys for which they have to move their heads or make any other movements. Observing this problem, the doctor decided to recreate various toys into a form that can be utilized by these children with ease.

During the research when the doctor and his assistant found out that there is no available wheelchair for toddler patients cerebral palsy and other disabilities, they were disappointed. They immediately rushed to the toy shop to buy some kinds bikes and motor cars to make the situation for disabled children more bearable and put efforts to add some excitement in their lives.

He molded the toy cars and bikes, using simple materials like PVCs, nuts, and bolts, etc. to make them.
All this instance was reported by The Parents magazine in detail. The magazine is very popular among people, hence the doctor became a popular figure in no time, given what he has been doing to assist disabled children and provide them with the gift of mobility.

This initiative was highly appreciated by the parents of these special kids.They are quite delighted with the idea that someone thought off doing something potential for their disabled children. Such positive initiatives should not only be highly encouraged among the public but should also be legislated and instituted by the governments who are rather obligated to provide shelter and assistance to all the people it governs irrespective of their abilities and disabilities.

Children are also enjoying this new initiative which suggests that their happiness is being restored and their as well as their parents' lives are being improved through such initiatives. The aggression that was slowly becoming common in these children is progressively fading away. The thought of being able to play with toys just like normal kids in spite of their immobility is inculcating a sense of self-confidence in these children. This step by the doctor is highly appreciative, and he has set up an example of generosity. His footsteps should be followed

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