Wine Consumption And Its Impact, All Bad? Not Quite

By Henry Tyler, Parent Herald December 01, 06:01 pm

Its known that alcohol can have numerous adverse effects on one's health and body. However, a study claims that drinking wine or two glasses of wine a day saves you from some common type of strokes. This might be surprising for quite a most of people because there's a general perception that alcohol is bad for a person. But the question arises as to what isn't bad if used in extremities and going overboard. Almost everything, except maybe water, becomes harmful if used excessively and that's not a very difficult conclusion to draw.

According to The Independent, light consumption of alcohol, almost two glass per day is linked to 9% lesser risk of suffering from ischemic stroke, while women consuming one or less glass one day were 12% lesser at risk, this stroke is caused by the blockage of brain artery and is accounted 88% of all the major strokes.

The University of Cambridge and Karolinska institute's research found that heavier drinking of any alcohol type increased risk of all types of strokes. Another research also states that alcohol consumption is linked to high hemorrhagic strokes and cholesterol levels.

Dr. Susanna Larsson said that moderate to light consumption of one to two drinks of alcohol per day is protective against a cardiovascular disease, it remains controversial. The research tells that drinking more than a significant level increases chances of all types of strokes. And the moderate to light could not protect from common types of strokes.

In moderation, the alcohol consumption has been linked with high density of lipoprotein, improved insulin sensitivity, cholesterol, inflammatory markers and decreased level of fibrinogen.

But at the same time, The Telegraph reported as well, that consuming in excess had the same impact and played a part in elevating the chances of all kinds of strokes to an alarming extent. These new facts have opened doors for a new era of investigation and study.

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