Watch Out: Asthma Is A Life-Threatening Disease

By Henry Tyler, Parent Herald December 01, 05:51 pm

Asthma is lung disease of long duration. The airways become swollen and inflamed in our lungs causing them to tighten up and making it difficult for the air to pass through and the breathing as well.

Asthma has no cure at present time, but many treatment plans help people live normal lives. Though there are many medicines available for Asthma but many prefer natural ways of treatment.In search of cost effective and natural ways of treatment many people have turned to the use of essential oils, Medical News Today states.

Breathing is made difficult by asthma which leads to coughing, breath shortness, wheezing and chest tightness. This sequence is referred to asthma attack.The cause of Asthma is unknown, some people are at greater risk of developing it then others. It is common for it to run in family or happens due to environmental factor.

New Health Advisor also says that dust exposure, chemicals or irritants can increase asthma risk. Damage caused by respiratory infections can also lead to asthma. Attack may happen anywhere, anytime. The patients should take the prescribed medicines and get checkups regularly.

For diagnosing it, a series of tests would be run by the doctors and figure out how bad it is. Some people have controlled Asthma and it does not cause much damage. If its left un-responded it may become dangerous. Severe cases may be fatal.

The patients should stay updated about pneumonia and influenza vaccinations as these may trigger attacks. Staying away from pets, chemicals, foods. Those approved for the use of essential oils can use them as supplement for their situations. In relieving Asthma symptoms, they can be helpful but must be used with care and caution.

The patients should try reading their attack warning signs by taking notice of their breathing. If it comes, they should treat it immediately. It is quick responsive, dangerous, and its treatment may be a difference between life and death.

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