Which Countries' Students Are Excelling In Academics?

By Henry Tyler, Parent Herald December 04, 05:00 pm

The average of children to exhibit an understanding of problems and the ability to solve them has been calculated to about thirty six percent. Top five among this list are the east Asian countries, they include Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea and Taipei. This might not be shocking for most people given the reputation that Asians already have when it comes to academics. In the U.S alone, Asians are regarded amongst the smartest of all as compared to other students of various backgrounds.

Northern Ireland is just a little behind these top five. The age of most of these children in ten or somewhere near. Furthermore, The Mirror also says that the longest running assessment program bases on evaluating mathematics and science skills of students has given a result that there lies a difference of only twenty three points between children of Northern Ireland and the top five east Asian Countries.

Singapore is leading with six hundred and eighteen points, second in lead is Korea with six hundred and eight points, third is Chinese Tapei with five hundred and ninety seven points, then comes Japan with five hundred and ninety three points and then finally northern Ireland stands at five hundred and seventy points.

The Asian Scientist also evaluated the issue and stated that England was found to be lagging behind all of them with a score of only five hundred and seventy six. So it was concluded that the Asian countries had skilled the children in conceiving different mathematical problems. This has become a major finding and definitely a source of pride for Asians because they really are generally smart people, it's most often written all over them.

They were more sharp than others in evaluating and applying their knowledge in solving sums of mathematics. They were also better at the subject of science. Basic understanding and ability to conceive different science concepts was evident in most of these children.

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